Oprava RAID v poli HP MSA2000

Oprava RAID v poli HP MSA2000

1) Clear meta data from LEFTOVER disks

  1. In the Configuration View panel, right-click the system and then select Tools > Clear Disk Metadata.

  2. In the main panel, select disks to clear metadata from.

  3. Click Clear Metadata. When processing is complete a success dialog appears.

  4. 4.  Click Ok

2) Re-Join Physical Disk to VDisk RAID

  1. In the HP MSA Storage Management Utility, Right click on the affected vdisk and select Configuration > Manage Dedicated Spares

  2. Your disk should appear in the list of available drives with a state of AVAIL. Tick the drive, then click the Modify Spares button.

  3. The disk will be re-joined to the array. Initially it may be listed as a spare, but the MSA will automatically re-join the disk as an active member of the RAID if this is how it was originally configured.

  4. The array will begin the Reconstruction process automatically. This can take a very long time depending on the size of your drives.

  5. In this situation, original SPARE has now become AVAIL. So, re-add this AVAIL disk as SPARE using above steps. After setting this as spare – this disk will now show a status of: VDISKSP or SPARE

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