Obnova Server 2008 na čisté železo z iSCSI

1)     On a network connected computer use the iscsi initiator to connect to the iscsi target that housed the Windows 2008 system backup.

2)     Using Windows share the newly connected drive on the network.

3)     Boot your new hardware from the 2K8 install disk.

4)     At the install Windows screen Select your regional settings and Next

5)     Select Repair your computer

6)     System Recovery Options should be blank for BRM, click Next

7)     Select Windows Complete PC Restore

8)     At the alert window select cancel

9)     Select Restore a different backup and Next

10) Click Advanced and Search for a backup on the network

11) Select yes to connect to the network

12) Enter the unc path to the computer and share above and OK

13) Enter your credentials and OK

14) Select  the backup and Next

15) Select the backup time to restore to and Next

16) Next

17) Finish (note the drive you restore to will need to be at least the same size as the drive that the computer was imaged from)

18) Confirm that you want to format the new drive and OK
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